About our Charity
In Safe Hands

How it all started?

The charity In Safe Hands was set up in Lublin in 2017. It was founded by Magdalena Fijołek, who herself is a mom of a boy with deformed arms. It was only after giving birth to the baby boy that she found out about his disability. Dawid was born without his right arm and with a seriously defected left arm. His parents wanted to find out as much as possible about the arm defect and about how people suffering from it function on a daily basis. They started looking for children suffering from similar defects. Their appeal posted on social media evoked a huge response, which made them feel they were no longer left to deal with their son’s disability all by themselves. They also noticed that many children with limb defects and their family members are in need of considerable support. It was then that they came up with the idea of setting up a charity for children with limb defects. The charity was set up quite naturally to help Dawid and other children with similar disabilities.


Family and friends of Dawid’s parents offered their help in establishing the charity and in getting it running. Their enthusiastic response encouraged Dawid’s parents to devote themselves to the charity, which they hoped would lend a helping hand to children with limb defects and to their guardians. Since the day it was founded, the charity has attracted the attention of many people who have pledged their support to our mission. This is why we continue our charitable work with such passion and determination.

What do we do?

Our charity sets out to help children with limb defects. We also offer assistance to their parents and guardians, who often need support as well. Our partners include both individuals and companies, with whom we organize charity auctions, conferences and events.

Our team

Magdalena Fijołek

A happy wife and mom of two amazing boys Jakub and Dawid, Magdalena Fijołek is the founder of the charity In Safe Hands. She has been working in the hotel business for over 10 years. After giving birth to her second son, she found out that he was born with deformed arms. It was then that her life changed for good. With the help of her husband and friends she set up the charity in order to provide the best possible medical treatment and care for her son Dawid and to support families that have found themselves in a similar situation. With her optimistic outlook on life and a genuine faith in the good will of other people, she is involved in initiatives which contribute to the further growth of the charity.

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Andrzej Fijołek

Andrzej Fijołek has been the Head of the Charity Board since the charity was established. He runs the charity and represents its interests. His son Dawid was born with a congenital arm defect. Apart from his work at the charity In Safe Hands, he serves as a police officer with the rank of a commissioner in the regional police agency in Lublin, where he is responsible for relations with the media.