This is Dawid

Expecting a baby boy

Dawid was born on August 16th 2017, exactly on the ninth anniversary of his parents’ wedding. Both Dawid’s parents and his brother looked forward to his birth. Dawid’s mother was very careful during pregnancy and did all she could to ensure that her child would develop properly. Not during one of her numerous antenatal appointments did the doctor notice any worrying symptoms. Quite on the contrary, all the conducted ultrasound scans showed that the child was going through proper developmental stages.

Giving birth

Only during childbirth did the parents realize that Dawid was missing his entire right arm. The boy had only developed his right shoulder and his left arm was shrunken with no elbow or forearm. Dawid’s hand did not develop entirely, either. It was small and had three webbed fingers.

What happens next?

Dawid is a very cheerful and active little boy. Ever since he was born his face is always wreathed in smiles. He is surrounded by the love and tender care of his parents, his older brother, as well as other family members and friends. However, his further development depends heavily on continued rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is crucial if Dawid is to learn how to do all the activities children without disabilities are capable of learning and performing naturally. Acquiring new skills will require a lot of strength, cleverness, commitment and patience on his side. He will only be able to carry out certain tasks with his legs, which means that the earlier rehabilitation is initiated, the better he will function later on. Dawid will also have to undergo many operations and hand surgery. This will only be possible once he has gained sufficient body mass. We believe that the rapid developments in medicine will make it possible for our son to have a fully functional hand and to become a truly independent boy. Until that day comes we will lend him a helping hand.